Atsuko Suetomi

carries out musical performance activities in various places in Japan and countries throughout the world, presenting beautiful sound full of peace and emotion, and delicate yet dynamic expression of Koto. She carried out many performances upon invitations from Japanese embassies, municipalities and universities in various countries. She also accepted the invitations from hospitals and institutions for her performance as healing music. She studied Koto and Sangen under the classical school of Ikuta-Ryu, then, became a pupil of the late Mr. Tadao Sawai, a leading artist of the modern Koto music and his wife Mrs. Kazue Sawai, who moved her with their music. She studied at the Department of Japanese Studies of Faculty of Humanities of Musashi University, Japanese Painting Course of Department of Painting of Musashino Art University and Major of Soukyoku(Koto music) of Department of Music of Takasaki Art Center College.
In 1996, she started ‘’The Concert of Comfort’’, where she showed modern Koto performance and talks. She performed with musicians of various genres in many places in Japan and countries throughout the world.
In 2000 and 2002, she carried out an America tour, including the concert under cosponsorship of Embassy of Japan and the concert for music therapy at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.
In 2003, she created a sensation through her concert cosponsored by Embassy of Japan in Peru and the Association of Nikkei & Japanese Abroad, which appeared in various newspapers. She held a concert at The National Conservatory of Peru and a Christmas concert sponsored by the Japanese radio station in Hawaii.
In 2004, she carried out a concert tour through Indonesia and Singapore. She held ‘’The Charity Concert for victims of Sumatra Earthquake’’ sponsored by InterContinental Hotels & Resorts in Bali and a concert at University of Jakarta.
During her Turkey tour in 2005, she held a concert at the Residence of Japanese Ambassador, as well as concerts sponsored by both of Consulate-General of Japan in Istanbul and Municipality of Uskudar, by Japan-Turkey Friendship Association in Mersin, by Municipality of Urgup and so on.
Since Feburary 2007 she has lived in Istanbul, Izmir, then Ankara in Turkey and is doing performances with top artists and orchestras of Turkey, through which she introduces the charms of Koto.
In 2010, the Japanese Culture Year in Turkey, she held concerts in various places; she performed upon the invitation to ‘’The First International Flute Festival’’ sponsored by Mrs. Sefika Kutluer, who is a leading Flutist.
She held a charity concert for Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami which occured in March, 2011, sponsored by Municipality of Izmir and the Friendship Association between Cultures of Japan and Izmir and also supported by Consulate-General of Japan in Istanbul. She also performed on the stage of a charity concert organized in Ankara, sponsored by The Turkish-Japanese Foundation Culture Center and also supported by Embassy of Japan in Turkey.
In May 2013, she received the request from the Prime Minister’s Office for her performance at a dinner party hosted by Turkish Prime Minister (current President) Erdogan upon Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Ankara.
In August 2014, she established ‘’The Association of Tradidional Japanese Music in Turkey’’. She acts its representative and works for spreading and teaching Japanese music.
In October 2014, she performed with Goksel Baktagir, a master of Kanun, which is one of the traditional Turkish instruments, at ‘’The Concert for 90th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Turkey and Japan’’ (cosponsored by Consulate-General of Japan in Istanbul, the Turkish-Japanese Foundation Culture Center and Embassy of Japan)
In May 2015, she did a performance upon the invitation to Mersin International Music Festival.
In March 2016, she was invited by Cukurova States Symphony Orchestra as the solist and performed masterpieces of Japanese composers with it. All tickets for this concert were sold out and it was greatly brought up by mass media. She later performed as the solist of ‘’The Friendship Concerts between Japan and Turkey by Koto and the Orchestra’’ by Antalya State Symphony Orchestra, Bursa State Symphony Orchestra and so on.
In December 2016, she was invited to the International Kanun Festival in Algeria and performed with Mr. Mohamed Saadaoui, an Algerian Kanun artist. She also held a concert at the Residence of Japanese Ambassador in Algeria.
In January 2017, she established a group called ‘’Arp Yamatolia’’ with Mr. Chagatay Akyol, a first harp artist of Presidental Symphony Orchestra and Mr. Ferhat Erdem, a Sipsi artist of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, where they express the beauty of Anatolia and Japan (Yamato) with music and images, which leaded them to create a new genre.
In November 2018, she received the invitation from Embassy of Japan in Azerbaijan and did a performance with Mrs. Tarana Aliveya, an Azerbaijani Kanun master.
In 2018, ‘’The Japanese Music Society’’, a society recognized by the Government of Turkey, was established and she acts as its chairperson.
In March 2019, she did a performance with Tahir Aydogdu, a Turkish Kanun master, at The Opening Concert of ‘’The Japanese Music Society’’ held in Ankara.
In July 2019, she held a recital in Tokyo.
In Feburary 2020, she released her CD ‘’The Way: Koto & Jazz Piano’’.
She currently lives in Istanbul and continues her performance activities and developement of her pupils.

Released CDs;
‘’Like a Bird’’
‘’Koto, the Sound of Peace’’
‘’Blowing in Aegean Wind: Koto & Kanun’’
‘’The Way: Koto and Piano’’

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