Mahroo Mostofi & Fardin Laourpour – Mecnun


1. Mzgeni
2. Mim Gorji
3. Rebwar
4. Sabri
5. Zanbil Frosh
6. Asmar
7. Xhoshawist
8. Xroosh
9. Altın Yüzüğüm Kırıldı
10. Eşrefoğlu Al Haberi

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Albüm Açıklaması

Mahroo Mostofi is born in kordestan, sanandaj city.She has had an intrest in painting and music ever since being a child.She learned painting and designing at “honarhaye ziba” art school located in tehran and proceeded her studies of art at “taziini” university of tehran .At the same time while she was studying painting she learned persian Radif music from from brilliant professors such as Nasrolah Nasehpoor, Davood Ganjeii, Hossein Ghavami, Ahmad Ebadi and Mahmood Tajbakhsh. and started learning solfège from Hossein Sarshar.She learned music and Kurd singing form Professors of Kurdi singing.In persian singing Mahroo’s style of singing was like Hossein ghavami and Mohamadreza Shajarian .She has had multiple concerts from 1991 till now in iran, france, denmark, sweden, kurdestan iraq and kuwait. and she’s had several concerts and festivals with ladie groups such as taking part in the festival of theater and music of avinion, the festival of music in kuwait and the fajr festival in iran. She has also been teaching music in a few music institutions and still is .in the year 2006 she released two albums in kurdustan,iraq named “Ashti”and “Lalayi” that are both in the language of Kurdi and she’s had lots of single music released that are sung in Farsi .She has sang all her songs in farsi and kürdi She has preformed music for some filmes and has singed in the symphony of irane khanum with Peyman Soltani as the composer. She has been teaching painting and singing since 1988 till the current time.She is currently designing and she’s practicing a new kind of music and singing style that’s different from her other works and styles and it’s gonna be a new style for her.